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Social media for business & creating a strategy for it

SEO and Social Media Sites

Search Engine optimization is the practice of improving and promoting a website to increase the number of visitors a site receives through the different search engines. When you create a website, you expect many people to visit it and enjoy what you offer. SEO is an internet marketing strategy that aims at improving how search engines work and what people search for. When optimizing a website, SEO edits its content, HTML and its coding system to increase the relevance of the keywords.

With improvement in technology, many social media sites have been created. This has eased communication among people. These sites have been seen to promote content. Social media sites work within the same ecosystem with SEO and content marketing. They promote content using SEO.

Social Media

The World Wide Web has been filled with content as new writers emerge every day. SEO acts as a link between the website and the social media sites. Take an example, many people get content on a website and share it through Facebook or Twitter. Once shared, other people may be interested in the content and log onto the website. Nowadays, we get much information through the links posted on Facebook pages. You don’t have to search the website to get the content. The more links created, the better SEO will index your content to get more traffic to your website. If you want to market your brand, you may post it on Twitter. If many people are interested in it, they will retweet thus resulting in a wider reach. Once the information is shared, many people get interested and they buy whatever product you might be selling. In this case, social media sites act as broadcast channels.

As the social media sites help in marketing your content, Google has a way of boosting your authority in social influence. SEO will thus helps in keeping a record of how often your website is visited and how relevant your content is. Google ranks you higher after finding you a credible source. The most credible sources are easily found in Google search. You may enter a certain name in the search engine and many similar names appear. Some links from the social sites appear to show you that a specific source is well known in the social media sites. Social media encourage external sites to link your content, thus making you gain more authority on Google.

Social media sites are also used when engaging oneself in the local business review and talk like Yelp. If you want to gain popularity, you may go to a certain event, take pictures and videos of the event and post them online. Engage the local residents to comment on your post and you will be visible in the local searches. You may also decide to share other people’s posts or engage in online discussions. This will increase your popularity on Google. These are called the locally-optimized posts. If one is a Google+ member, Google is able to market your brand. You only need to post your content and let them work on your behalf. SEO and social media sites are thus inseparable.

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